Dear Future Customer,

My work experience includes 25 years as a fabricator and mechanic on our family farm. Throughout those years in farming I developed and honed my skills in welding and fabricating.

In 1994 I started RB Custom fabricating. I built an assortment of products for customers including: safety pallet lifts, home and shop elevators, and customer shop overhead doors. Then in 1998 we were putting up a shop and I was looking for a good workbench, one that could hold all my tools and accessories as I had outgrown my old tool chest. I realized that there wasn’t anyone out there making the type of workbench I wanted, a comprehensive workbench system. The ones I priced were too small and over-priced. So I decided to build my own (picture below). And in that began RB Custom Workbenches. After seeing it, many of my local friends, farmers, and mechanics wanted one of their own.


I would like to help as many people as possible with my custom workbenches because I believe whole heartedly that my product is unmatched by any competitor in the industry. Everyone I have made benches for simply love them and I would like you to have that same experience.

I will gladly help you with a custom workbench of your own. I like helping people develop their ideas for layouts and dimensions. If you need help with that, please call me. I look forward to hearing from you!